Your jewellery making workshop

You don’t need any previous experience to be able to make your own silver jewellery - I will be here to guide and support you through every stage to ensure you love your finished jewellery.

Sample itinerary for workshops starting at 10am or 2pm.
10:00am / 2:00pm  Arrive at 4 Minster Street, Salisbury, SP1 1TF.
After a chat and introductions I will give you a tour of the workshop and the tools and equipment you will use to make your rings.
We will look at some samples to choose what you'd like to make, and then you will start making your silver jewellery.  I will demonstrate all processes first and guide as you go.  I will also provide some metal for you to practise textures and finishes on before applying them to your jewellery. 
The workshop will last 2- 3 hours.
Tools and equipment you will use:
Jewellers saw to cut the silver to size, pliers to bend the silver into shape, files to straighten and smooth the ends, blow torch to heat and solder any joins, hammers and pinches to texture the silver, emery papers to smooth the surface, pendant drill with polishing mops to polish and finish your jewellery.
Protective equipment provided for you to wear:
Goggles and aprons (only needed for use with the drill when sanding / polishing).
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty.  I will provide aprons as well. 

Don’t wear anything with long floaty sleeves, tassels, scarves etc – anything which will hang forward when you lean oven the blowtorch or drill!
Make sure you tie long hair back – it really doesn’t smell good if you singe it with the blow torch.

You will be holding the ring by hand while filing, sanding and polishing so be prepared for your nails to take a bit of wear by the end of the day!  I would advise making sure your nails aren't too long or you will struggle to hold the ring securely.

As you’d expect making your rings will require close up work and an eye for detail.  Make sure you bring glasses if you need them for close up work.  If you think you might struggle I’d advise getting some reading glasses (available from most supermarkets, pharmacies etc for just a couple of pounds) to bring along on the day.

 What you need to bring for your workshop:

  • hair bands for long hair
  • glasses for close work if needed

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There isn't parking at 4 Minster Street but there are lots of car parks nearby.  The Old George Mall car park is closest and offers full day parking but all the others are only a couple of minutes' walk away.  Some car parks such as Lush House, and certain parts of Central / Maltings and Brown Street car park are only 3 hours stay on Monday - Saturday, so check you're in the long stay area.

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I look forward to seeing you on the day of your workshop.
Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all.