If you're not sure what length chain you'd like please use this guide to help.

The most popular length is 18" as this works with most necklines and suits most pendants sizes.

When a pendant is hanging from a chain it will pull it to a point which is slightly lower than shown on the diagram.


It is very important to have the correct ring size when ordering.  If you're unsure of your size we strongly advise that you visit us or a local jeweller to be sized.  You can also order a ring sizing guide here but they are never as accurate as visiting a jeweller.

We advise that you don't size your finger when you're very cold or hot, as you could be up to a size smaller / larger than usual.  If you are ordering a wide ring then we advise that you order a size up from usual as it will feel much tighter on.

A correctly fitting ring should slide onto the finger, but need a gentle wiggle to remove.  If you have large knuckles, then the ring will unfortunately always feel a little loose on the finger as it has to be big enough to go over the knuckle first.

If you are buying the ring as a gift, we advise that you borrow a ring that fits the correct finger.  This ring can be sized in store or by another jeweller if you're able to sneak the ring away.  If not you can accurately measure the inside diameter of the ring in mm for us to calculate the size.  If you're at all unsure of the size then please mention this when ordering so we can advise according to the design.

If your ordered ring is the incorrect size then we can resize it for you.  If it is a plain band with no gemstones or decoration, it can be made one size smaller / larger for free plus postage.  If the ring contains one or more gemstones or is a more intricate design, or if the ring has already been resized once, there is a charge of £50 plus postage.  It is not always possible to resize a ring by more than 1-2 sizes due to the design.  


We offer bangles in three standard sizes:

Small - 63mm inner diameter

Medium - 67mm inner diameter

Large - 72mm inner diameter

If you have a bangle already which fits well, then just measure the inside diameter to establish your size (make sure it is a round rather than oval shaped bangle).

Or you can measure your hand to get your bangle size.  You need to make a fist with your hand on a flat surface.  Then measure from the middle of your index finger knuckle to the middle of your little finger knuckle.  Compare this measurement to the dimensions above to establish your bangle size.

If your ordered bangle is the incorrect size then we can usually resize it for you (some designs can't be resized unfortunately).  There is a charge of £50 plus postage, so it's best to make sure you get the right size first.  If the bangle isn't customised or bespoke we can exchange it for a standard size from available stock, or new stock at a later date if a new bangle has to be made.