Remodelling jewellery

If you have unworn, broken or inherited jewellery it can be remodelled to create a contemporary new design for you to wear.  Whether it's for a special occasion such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary or birthday, or just as a special treat, you can add your own personal touch to an item of jewellery. You can customise any of the designs seen in the jewellery galleries to suit you, or we can create a design just for you.

Take a look at images of past commissions in my Bespoke Gallery.

Remodelling jewellery is a fantastic way to retain the sentimental value of inherited and unworn jewellery, whilst making a truly personal design which will also retain / increase the commercial value of the original jewellery.

If the jewellery to be remodelled is sentimental we can refine and reuse the metal from the jewellery as well as the gemstones.    It is even possible to melt down and re-alloy your gold to change the carat and colour if you'd like.

However, it can be cheaper to use new gold and offset the value of the original metal, especially if your existing item is made from white gold.  This is because the alloy metals used in white gold can make it hard to melt down and reuse.  We can advise you accordingly when the existing metal is appraised and weighed.

There is always a small risk when using heirloom gemstones, especially brittle and soft gems such as emeralds and opals.  Again, we can advise you accordingly to reduce the risks as much as possible.

New gemstones can be added to compliment your own, and new metal can be added to increase the weight or add an additional colour.

The remodelling process....

Following an initial consultation to establish a design brief, I will sketch out some initial design ideas. These sketches can then be developed to reach a final design. You can decide which materials, stones, colours, textures and finishes are used to make your jewellery completely personal and unique. The design sketches make a lovely accompaniment to your finished item of jewellery.   A small fee of £100 is required for design sketches, which is deducted from the final cost of the commissioned jewellery.

When you are happy with the final design and price, your bespoke jewellery will be hand-made. A deposit of 50% is required at this stage - please see my Term and Conditions for more details.

​Once your jewellery has been made, it is sent to the London Assay Office to be hallmarked with my personal maker's mark, as well as the material and date marks. Your item will then be given a final polish, before being packaged in a presentation box.

Remodelled jewellery pricing....

The price of a remodelled piece of jewellery will vary greatly depending on the materials used and complexity of the design.  

As a rough guideline remodelled designs using your own gold and gemstones start at £250 for a plain wedding ring and £500 for a stone set ring or pendant.  Jewellery set with multiple gemstones usually start at £1500.  Please see some example pricing below.

If you have a budget in mind, we can design your jewellery accordingly to make sure you’re happy with the final price.

Below are some remodelled jewellery examples with guide prices.  There are many variables which would affect the exact price, but hopefully it will be a useful guide.

Remodelled wedding ringRemodelled wedding ring with diamondsRemodelled silver and sapphire ringRemodelled sapphire and diamond ring

Remodelled tanzanite and diamond ringRemodelled sapphire halo ringRemodelled platinum gemstone ringRemodelled gold and gemstone ringRemodelled diamond and blue topaz ringRemodelled gold and diamond ringRemodelled signet ringRemodelled signet ring

You can schedule a free consultation below to discuss commissioning a piece of jewellery at 4 Minster Street, Salisbury. This can be in person at 4 Minster Street, Salisbury or online by Zoom and email.


You can also purchase a gift voucher to use towards commissions.

For images of past commissions please take a look at my Bespoke Gallery.  There are also more images on my Facebook and Instagram pages.



Some kind words from a few lovely past customers...

Handmade bespoke pendant

"Ellie is without a doubt the best jeweller someone could ask for. Her knowledge of designing, stones and metals is amazing, she works with your ideas (even with my poor explaining) to create exactly what you're after. I picked all my stones and spent time with her deciding the colour lay out and Ellie never one for frustrated with my OCD'ness with this! we did so many layout combos until it was right. (again my fault as I wanted to check every single way we could lay it out!!).
if you're looking for a jeweller she is the one, especially to make you something bespoke! Ellie will make your jewellery journey special and include you as much as she can/you want."  Beth


Handmade bespoke wedding ring

"Ellie designed my wedding ring and it is stunning! Better than I could have imagined would definitely recommend! Have ordered my Fiancé’s ring and it’s here today all very exciting, we can’t wait to wear them. Nothing is too much trouble and the quality is amazing. A very talented lady."  Jackie



Handmade bespoke eternity ring"Ellie made my wife a beautiful bespoke eternity ring which was sapphires the colours of the rainbows set in a gold ring. She pulled out all the stops to enable us to have the ring in time for Christmas despite many Covid related issues. Many thanks Ellie." Dave and Pauline


Handmade bespoke fitted wedding ring


 "Elinor made us an eternity ring, incorporating gold and diamonds from a couple of other pieces of jewellery. The design is bespoke to fit over a wedding ring and she offered several mock-up designs to choose from. Throughout her communication was excellent and the finished ring is perfect." Simon


Handmade bespoke engagement ring

"Ellie was so professional, providing us with different stone options we could see in advance of her making the ring.  She was so helpful, and the finished products are gorgeous.  I would definitely recommend friends and family to go to her for jewellery needs." Cathy


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