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Wedding ring workshops

You can make your own wedding rings for a truly personal and memorable experience.  I will be there to guide and support you through the stages of making your own rings, and to guarantee your rings will look perfect at the end of the day.

In the morning you will make a practise ring in sterling silver.  You will learn to cut, shape and solder your rings before making the real wedding rings.  After lunch you will file, sand and polish until you have a perfect professional ring.  I will then send the rings off to be assayed and hallmarked at the London Assay Office.  Your rings will then be presented to you in a lovely ring box, ready for your big day.

You don’t need any previous experience to be able to make your own beautiful wedding ring. A simple plain band can be made in a day by a complete beginner.  A day class runs from 9:30 – 4:30, and can be booked on a day to suit you (weekends available). If you would like to make something more unusual or ornate, you may need more than one day – get in touch with your ideas.

Before booking your class we will discuss the shape, size and metal of your wedding rings (at my Salisbury studio or by phone/email if you live further away).  You can make your rings in sterling silver, 9ct gold or 18ct gold (yellow, white and rose), palladium and platinum (up to 4mm only).  There are a wide range of shapes and finishes to choose from.  I will then book your class and order all the materials needed.  I will take photographs throughout the day to record your experience, which will be emailed to you after the workshop. These can make a really unique addition to your album.

It costs £200 for exclusive use of the studio for the day, including all tools and expertise.  In addition to this is the cost of the raw materials for your rings, which varies depending on the metals chosen. 

9ct gold (white, yellow and rose) is priced at £40 per gram.  The average weight of a pair of 9ct gold wedding rings is 11 grams.

18ct gold (white, yellow and rose) is priced at £83 per gram.  The average weight of a pair of 9ct gold wedding rings is 13 grams.

Palladium is priced at £70 per gram.  The average weight of a pair of palladium wedding rings is 11 grams.

Platinum is priced at £75 per gram.  Platinum is only available for rings up to 4mm in width.  The average weight for a 3mm and 4mm ring in platinum is 13 grams.

The average weights above are for a 3mm wide ring in a size M, and a 5mm wide ring in a size T, in a medium weight court shaped ring.

I am also able to melt down and refine gold from sentimental and inherited jewellery for you to use. Depending on the level of refining needed, this usually costs £200.

If you’d like to make your ring even more special, I can arrange additional details to be added after your workshop such as engraving and stone setting.

 Get in touch to book and discuss your perfect rings.