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I am a contemporary jewellery designer and maker inspired by natural forms.  My jewellery is handcrafted from precious metals and gemstones, using traditional techniques.
I handmake all my jewellery in my studio workshop at 75 New Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire.  I have a range of jewellery available to buy from the boutique gallery, or you can commission your own personal and unique item of jewellery.

The workshop...​
I design and handmake my jewellery in my studio workshop at 75 New Street, Salisbury. 75 New Street is in the historic centre of Salisbury, just around the corner from the High Street entrance to the Cathedral Close. The lovely four-storey building is also home to a contemporary jewellery gallery, another jeweller and a textile artist. I hand craft my jewellery in my top floor studio. I have a collection of jewellery for sale and a consultation space in the ground floor gallery.  
I use traditional techniques to handmake each item of jewellery, so no two pieces are ever the same. I work with sterling silver, yellow, white and rose gold, and palladium. A lot of my designs are focused around natural gemstones chosen for their striking colours and patterns.

My handmade jewellery designs are inspired by nature, botanical forms and textures. I use photography and sketching to record interesting features in nature, and incorporate them in unique, organic designs. My signature 'tendrils' of twisting silver and gold are inspired by vines and climbers. The intricate leaves incorporated in many of my designs are individually textured using real leaf skeletons, making each one truly unique.

​​Environmental responsibilty...​
I operate my handmade jewellery business as responsibly as I can to reduce my environmental impact.
• My metal supplier uses recycled metal in its bullion, such as sheet and wire. All scrap metal left over from creating my jewellery is collected for recycling, even filings and dust. The gold and silver scrap is melted down, refined and reused to create new sheet, wire and castings.
• I use natural gemstones in my jewellery which are all responsibly sourced and conflict free.  The majority of the stones are hand-cut in the UK rather than in their country of origin, ensuring ethical work standards, as well as the quality and expertise of an established lapidary from a family run business.
I can also source laboratory grown gemstones, which have the same chemical composition, and thus hardness and colour, as their natural counterparts. They don't, however, have the potential ethical and environmental issues associated with mined gemstones.
• I use recycled paper for my stationery, made from post consumer waste.  My business cards and postcards are also made using recycled paper.
My beautiful branded packaging is made from recycled paper and card, and a part recycled foam interior.  I recycle all other recyclable materials generated by my business, such as paper and plastic.