Restore & Repair

We can restore, repair and remodel your gold and platinum jewellery.  From a simple new solder join to a full restoration, we can give your jewellery a new lease of life. Repairs start at £50 and alterations start at £150.

Ring resizing - from £50 for plain rings.  Large size changes and stone set rings will be quoted for when you bring your ring in and usually start at £100.  We can also replace the band of the ring if it has worn down with wear.

Replacement stones - we can replace and reset missing stones in your jewellery.  We will also check any other settings for security at the same time.  From £60 per setting.

Clean and check of settings - we advise that you have the settings of stone set jewellery checked regularly to ensure the security of the stones.  Jewellery becomes dirty with wear, especially engagement rings - we can clean and polish your jewellery to get it looking as good as new again.  From £50.

Alterations - it can sometimes be possible to alter a piece of jewellery, such as converting a ring to a pendant, or adding a different band to a ring, without having to fully remodel the piece.  From £150.

Restoration - older pieces of jewellery will eventually need restoration as settings and bands wear down with time.  We can replace missing and worn claws, replace worn down bands and rebuild worn settings.  If you'd like to change the look of the jewellery but still use your gold and gemstones we also offer a remodelling service to design and make you a new bespoke piece.


You can schedule a free consultation below to discuss repair and restoration work at 4 Minster Street, Salisbury. Or you can ​contact me here.